Colorado Springs Has Its First Dermatology Residency Program!

On June 18, 2012, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) approved the Rocky Vista University (RVU)/Colorado Dermatology Institute (CDI) Dermatology Residency program which welcomed its first Resident on 1 July, 2013. This is the first Dermatology Residency program in Southern Colorado and only the second Dermatology Residency in the state.

Informed patients look for a Board Certification as they choose a physician and the goal of physicians is to become Board Certified.  Physicians must complete a Residency in their Specialty to become Board Certified.  Since all physicians going through a Residency have at a minimum already gone through medical school and an internship, they bring valuable medical knowledge to their Residency while they are learning and practicing the specific skills needed in their chosen Specialty.  Once a physician has graduated from their Residency, they may choose to stay in the local area of that Residency which then adds additional highly qualified Specialists to the local market.

Dermatology is one of the most underrepresented medical specialties so the RVU/CDI Dermatology Residency is helping to fill an urgent need.  In addition to providing additional Dermatologists in one of the most underrepresented medical specialties, having such a Residency program will have a significant impact on Colorado Spring’s reputation as a center for medical education.

The three year RVU/CDI Dermatology Residency Program is home based at CDI in Colorado Springs with rotations scheduled in Colorado Springs and Denver. One Resident will be added per year so at the end of three years there will be three residents and, as currently planned, that number will be maintained.

For additional information on the Residency program, go to the Opportunities page on the AOA website ( For questions not addressed on the AOA website, you may contact:



Medicine is constantly evolving and a vital part of that evolution is the research that physicians undertake to test and document new treatments and procedures for more efficient and effective resolution of medical issues.  This is as true for Dermatology as for any medical specialty.  As part of our commitment to provide the most current and comprehensive medical care, Dr. Anderson is the head researcher in many different clinical studies trying to find effective treatments for some of the worst conditions in Dermatology.By taking part in research projects, CDI is not only helping to develop new treatments, it also assures our patients that they will have access to the most effective treatments available anywhere.

When combined with the Residency program, Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado now have a premier medical institution offering comprehensive Dermatology and Skin Cancer services, training the next generation of Dermatologists, helping to develop the next generation of treatments and protocols for dermatological issues, and providing comprehensive,  up-to-date, and in-depth treatments for our patients.