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Innovator of the Year Award from AdvancedMD - Dr Jeffry and Reagan Anderson

CDI Receives Innovator of the Year Award!

Colorado Dermatology Institute was recently awarded the 2018 Healthcare Innovator of the Year award by the developers of AdvancedMD’s Electronic Medical Record! Being recognized as a healthcare innovator means despite overwhelming healthcare policies, reimbursements, operational and staffing challenges, our practice continues to boldly move forward in our goal to improve healthcare for all our patients

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Girl by Mountain Lake During Winter
Skin Care

Skin Care for the Winter Season

The dry air of winter, both indoor and outside, can make it difficult to keep skin from getting dry, chapped, and itchy. Harsh wind, low humidity, and indoor heating are common factors that sap moisture from the skin. This time of year, it’s especially important to protect your skin, keeping it healthy, moisturized, and youthful!

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Happy Beautiful Girl Smiling

Treatment Options For Thinning Lashes!

For those struggling with short or thinning lashes, as part of our comprehensive continuum of care, we offer patients FDA-approved treatments to help grow eyelashes for patients with inadequate/thinning lashes. Give us a call at 719.531.5400 to learn more!

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Your Daily Dose

Daily Do of Dermatology - Title

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Video Transcript: Here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. What is hyperpigmentation? And first, let’s define the term. So

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Create Your Day - House in the Background

How to Reset Your Mind

“The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability; most often it’s the state that your mind and body is in.”

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