Niacin Skin Therapy

One of our favorite skin care product lines we carry in our clinic is called Nia24. Nia24’s products are based on Niacin, (which is actually vitamin B3). This line has MicroNutrient Delivery, which means the molecule is small enough to pass through your top layer of skin, down to the epidermis where it stimulates the DNA repair cells. Nia24 also repairs your cells by releasing a natural hormone to strengthen them. We’ve found their Intensive Recovery Complex and Eye Repair Complex to be very moisturizing, which in Colorado’s harsh environment can be quite challenging to achieve. Their Sun Damage Prevention Lotion is extremely nice because it is oil-free and light weight while also having an SPF of 30. As a result of the technology Nia24 has in it, you get a medical grade product that moisturizes’, repairs and protects. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about it.