Vitamin C, The Antioxidant

There are so many antioxidants on the market… how do you know which one is right for you? In our opinion, there’s one that stands out far above the others—Vitamin C! It’s the most powerful antioxidant available. The benefits are a bright and luminous glow to your skin, it regenerates collagen, and also increases elasticity. The brand of Vitamin C we like at Colorado Dermatology Institute is Obagi. Obagi has found a way to stabilize this powerful vitamin, and make the molecule small enough to penetrate and to absorb into the skin. Vitamin C does have its limitations (for example, it is very complicated to stabilize), and there are lots of creams for sale that have Vitamin C in them, but the percentage is a guess, so you may think you’ve purchased a high quality product, but it really doesn’t have the science and research to back it up. Obagi has in fact invested the scientific research necessary to produce a high quality Vitamin C product for the skin that you can use with confidence. We are pleased to offer Obagi products at Colorado Dermatology Institute.