Dermasweep Vs. Dermabrasion

The Dermasweep multi-level skin resurfacing system is the next generation of facial microdermabrasion procedures. Where a standard microdermabrasion procedure exfoliates dead and dry skin, the Dermsasweep is a two step system which includes exfoliation followed by infusion of solutions custom blended for your individual skin type and condition. The first step is similar to most “one step” microdermabrasion systems in that a vacuum brush pulls off dead, dry, old skin. The second step which is the infusion of custom blended solutions exclusive to Dermasweep, is what takes the Dermasweep to a new level of facial care. Using the variety of infusion solutions provided by Dermasweep, our Aesthetician will blend a specific solution for each patient’s dermatologic needs. For example, for acne there is a salicylic acid solution, for dry skin there is a hyaluronic acid solution, and there are many other custom blend infusion options to address and provide maximum support for each person’s skin type and issues. Once the custom blended infusion solution has been prepared, the exclusive Dermasweep applicator gently drives the solution deep into the skin for maximum absorption and benefit. The end result is clean, soft, glowing skin that looks and feels great and begs to be touched.