Popping Acne Myths with Dr. Anderson

myths about acneAt some point in your life, you’ll likely have some form of acne. And as likely as you’re to experience acne at some point, you’re just as likely to be the recipient of some pretty bad advice. Here are some of the most common myths surrounding your acne popped by our Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Reagan Anderson:  

You’re getting acne because you’re not washing enough.

Often people with acne err on the side of washing too often, or with too harsh of soaps, than they do with not washing enough. The gentler you are with your sin, the happier you’ll be with your skin, the less acne you have, and the less problematic skin you will experience throughout your life.  

My diet has nothing to do with my acne.

While it’s hard to run a controlled study on what foods contribute to acne, common sense will tell us that what we eat absolutely effects every part of our body. Acne is no different. I recommend limiting your consumption of dairy (especially milk), fried foods and processed foods. Eating as many fruits and vegetables as well as having a well-balanced diet that includes lots of fiber is also something I recommend to patient.  

Pimples and blackheads should be popped.

Absolutely not!!! The more you pick, pop and are aggressive with your sin, the more scars you will develop. Please NEVER pop your pimples. If you must do something to help relieve pressure, I recommend trying a warm, not hot, compress to the area. When the washcloth cools, put it under the warm water again and repeat the application to your skin. You can do this for 15 minutes, 3 times a day for up to 3 days. If it’s still a problem, see a dermatologist.   If you have any further questions on acne myths or taking the first steps towards acne treatments, call 719.531.5400 to schedule an appointment.