TRICARE, TRICARE For Life, TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, and VA Choice

TRICARE covers dermatological services for the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders, including:

  • Medically-appropriate treatment for acne
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Photochemotherapy 

Skin Cancer Exams

TRICARE covers skin cancer exams for individuals with:

  • a family or personal history of skin cancer,
  • increased occupational or recreational exposure to sunlight, or
  • clinical evidence of precursor lesions. 

If you’re not sure about your benefits, please call our office at 719-531-5400 or visit to learn more. TRICARE, often considered the gold standard for medical coverage, is government managed health insurance. This site helps service members understand all of the Tricare programs so that they can make the best use of TRICARE benefits, including:

  • The TRICARE Prime Program
  • TRICARE Select
  • TRICARE for Reserve and Guard
  • TRICARE for Retirees 

TRICARE dermatologists are proud to serve our military family. As the First Reconnaissance Battalion Surgeon. Dr. Anderson states, “Over the five years I spent in the U.S. Navy, it was my distinct honor to serve the medical needs of the military men and women of our great country. This experience, particularly my tours in Iraq where I treated U.S. and coalition military members as well as Iraqi civilians, gave me extensive experience in recognizing and treating the underlying causes of dermatologic conditions.” 

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