Acne Myths

MYTH 1: Diet does not cause acne. TRUTH: Several foods can worsen your acne. Eating a well balanced diet is important for decreasing acne breakouts.

MYTH 2: Sun tanning decreases acne. TRUTH: Sun and artificial tanning will increase acne breakouts. There is no thing as a “safe” tan. Not only will it cause an acne flare, it is the leading cause of developing skin cancers.

Myth 3: Popping pimples makes acne better. Truth: Picking and popping your pimples will only cause that pimple to last longer and it increases your odds at scarring. Do NOT pick or pop your pimples!

Myth 4: Acne is because I do not wash hard enough or often enough. Truth: Acne is not a sign that your face is dirty and needs a good scrubbing. Being too aggressive when cleansing, or using too harsh of a cleanser can actually make your acne worse.

Myth 5: More medication is better. Truth: Your prescription medications are strong and very effective. If they are used too often or if more is applied than directed, your face will get irritated and your acne might take longer to get under control.

Myth 6: Acne does not need to be treated. Truth: Acne can go away over time; but, this is not always the case. The biggest reason why acne is treated is to prevent lifelong scarring. It is our goal to help you become comfortable in your skin!

Myth 7: Acne should improve within a week or two of treatment. Truth: Unfortunately, acne takes 6-8 weeks of treatment before significant improvement is seen. Your oil glands and skin are completely retrained to behave as they should. It takes time and constant use of your products and medications.

Myth 8: All cosmetics are created equal. Truth: Not all cosmetics are created equal. Look for makeup brands that are less acne causing than others.

We understand acne can be embarrassing. Don’t let acne hinder your life any longer and get treatment today! The sooner you treat your acne, the better chance you’ll have of preventing scars. Also, to help prevent scars, do not pop or pick those pimples.
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