Lots of Books

Always Learning…

Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI) is one of my goals in life. That is why I went to a business conference by Tony Robbins. It turns out that none of us, including me, has it all figured out. We need to learn from others and there is such freedom in openly admitting that we are works in progress. If we knew it all, what fun would life be?

Most of us understand that in order to be physically fit it takes daily exercise. We do not think that “I did one push up 10 years ago and now I am strong for life.” That is ridiculous. But for some reason a lot of us think that our education is over once school is done. If school has done its job properly, it has convinced us to be life-long students and to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

So, I go to conferences, listen to Podcasts, read books that challenge and educate, talk to people wiser than I, read your evaluations of me, …. It is a rich experience and I encourage all of us to find the wonder in life again and to learn, grow, and become each and every day.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

This message was written by Dr. Reagan Anderson, a dermatologist from Colorado Springs.