Create Your Day

Attitude Makes All the Difference

All birds find shelter during a rain. But eagles avoid the rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common but attitude makes all the difference!

We all know it is hard to find solutions when we are under the weight of any issue. When the weight is heavy enough it will actually change our posture. You can SEE the weight of things on some people. It’s hard sometimes, but getting a different view can often help you see things differently.

For myself when I am struggling I do all I can to change my perspective, I can change where I am sitting, I get up and do something, go for a drive, get out on the ice (in the winter) and fish, or out to the lake and catch a few. The change of scenery or how I am looking at the scenery often gives me new perspective. It doesn’t give the answers but it gives new light and new understanding.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!