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A Few Facts About Wrinkles

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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And here are some more daily tips from your local dermatologist.

So as we get wiser, you tend to get more of the little fine lines and wrinkles that show up on our face. Now, this is kind of a result of one, just time. The more we use something, kind of like the more you fold a piece of paper back and forth, the more you’re gonna get the lines that form, from muscle contraction. So the more we move our face, the more wrinkles we’re gonna get. And that’s why things like Dysport or Botox are used, that paralyze the muscles so you’re not growing as many wrinkles and fine lines.

Another thing is that as we get wiser through the years, the collagen, the, the strong structural material underneath the skin, it gets a little bit weaker and thinner. That means that your skin sags a little bit more, and you get the fine wrinkles. Another is sun exposure. The more sun that you get, the more it breaks down that collagen, and you get more wrinkles.

And the last is a big one: smoking. Smoking is horrible for every part of your body. The more you smoke, the more you break down the collagen, the worse the texture of your skin is, everything is worse when smoking.

Now, there are some products that you can use that reverse that. One of them, is, one of my absolute favorite, is Differin. And it’s over the counter, it’s an acne medication, but it also helps fight the wrinkles. Others are cosmetic treatments at your local plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Dr. Reagan Anderson is a local dermatologist from Colorado Springs.

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