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A Quick Tip About Skin Tags

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Video Transcript:

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist.

All right, so what are skin tags and why do we get them, and probably most importantly, how do you get rid of them? So we don’t really know what causes skin tags. There’s like a thousand different theories out there of what causes a skin tagging. Anytime, there’s a thousand theories, that means nobody really has any idea. But we all kind of know what they are. They’re these little tags or a little extra redundant skin, that’s usually are only a couple millimeters, and they’re usually in areas like the armpits or perhaps under the breasts, or those sorts of areas.

And the first thing to do is talk to your local dermatologist to make sure that they are just skin tags. A little hint is that teenagers or children really shouldn’t get skin tags, and if they do they, have to be diagnosed by a dermatologist, before they’re removed, because in very rare instances, they can be pointing to other genetic syndromes. But for the vast majority of adults that get an occasional skin tag, maybe on their neck or their armpit, you don’t really know what causes them. And if they don’t bother you, my rule is they don’t bother us.

But if you don’t like them, your local dermatologists can remove them, or if you’ve already had the diagnosis that they are a skin tag, what you can do is clean the area with some alcohol, grab the skin tag, twist it, hold it for five minutes, and then let go. It’ll fall off sometime in the next week, and that one’s treated. 

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