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From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Video Transcript

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

So there’s been a question posed as to what blackhead cleansers won’t dry my skin out. Now blackheads are called open comedo’s. That’s the technical word for it, and that’s the basis of all acne, is the comedo. If it’s closed, it’s a whitehead. If it’s open, it’s a blackhead because the oils and the different things that are inside a pimple get exposed to the air, it gets oxidized and it turns black. Kind of like when you wax your car and you get the black stuff off that’s because it’s oxidized stuff coming off of your car. Okay, well let’s leave that part alone and get to the meat of the question and the real question is; “What can I do for my acne that’s not going to dry my skin out?” and the answer is you can use everything! You just have to use it in moderation. You have to pay attention. So Differin, that’s a wonderful over-the-counter product that used to be hundreds of dollars as a prescription, but the FDA deemed it safe enough to do over-the-counter. But it will dry your skin if you’re using it too much or too often. So, please watch our videos on acne and on the vitamin A products in particular, so you know how to use them. What about salicylic acid washes or creams?Same thing guys. You can use them but you might have to do it every other or every third day so that you aren’t getting dry. What about benzoyl peroxide washes or creams? Same topic. You just have to be smart. It’s not rocket science. You got to figure out what doesn’t naturally irritate your skin no matter what you do with it, and that’s trial and error but a great tip for that is; this bone right back here right behind your ear, you put a little bit of the product on there every day for a week. You rinse it off in the morning or you know a couple hours later and at the end of the week, you’ll look. Is this red and irritated? If it’s not then chances are you’re not allergic to the product and you’re not sensitive to it. So then try it on the areas. If you are sensitive, go to something else. You start getting too dry or irritated, add in a good lotion that’s non acne causing or you less of the product. The last thing is there are some pretty cool strips that you can get that just attach right to your nose and then you rip them off and you can see some of your blackheads come out that way. The last thing I’ll say is please pay attention to your diet. Your diet will affect your acne. Please pay attention to your emotional state and how you’re doing at that. That will affect your acne, and figure out what you need so that you aren’t affected by your acne. Guys is a huge topic and a lot of people think that acne is not important. That is ridiculous! I know that when I get a pimple, I’m self-conscious about it, and I know you are too. So let’s stay ahead of the curve. Let’s watch the videos. Let’s get educated and let’s figure out what works for you.

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