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Blue Nevis

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Video Transcript

Here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

So what’s a Blue Nevis or a blue mole? Basically it’s just a mole like you have anywhere else except for the mole cells or the melanocytes tend to go deeper into the skin. Now it’s not dangerous per se, but because they’re so deep into the skin the pigment on the outside well, it kind of looks blue if you look at it, and so a lot of times people will tell us, “Oh, I’ve had the spot my whole life. It’s never changed” and we take a biopsy of it and the biopsy comes back a Blue Nevis. Now if you get a biopsy back as a Blue Nevis, there’s really nothing else you need to do except for to watch it to make sure it doesn’t change or grow. If it comes back as something called a cellular Blue Nevis or blue mole, then some people like to cut those out because they may or may not be associated with the slight increased risk of that area turning cancerous later on in life. So it’s important to have a conversation with your local dermatologists to see how they want to treat this lesion taking into account your total body health and what other diseases or disorders you might have been diagnosed with. So, please talk to your local dermatologist about this topic of a Cellular blue mole or just a regular blue mole and ask them if anything else needs to be done for your health.

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