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Challenges as Opportunities!

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Create Your Day

Good Morning all!

“I like to think of challenges as opportunities – opportunities to think differently and create something new. And I welcome the charge I get from acknowledging them as such.”

I am currently reading 2 different books that are talking about the power of our thoughts, positive or negative. The first book, “Mindset,” talks about having an open mindset or a closed mindset. It is an excellent book. The second is “In the Company of Women,” and it gives real examples of people that have gone for their dreams, faced their fears and are living their passion. It is a great book too!

One of the common threads through both books is how to change the fear or negative self-talk we say to ourselves. When I am facing something I am insecure about I tend to have negative recordings going through my thoughts like: “I can’t do this,” “They don’t like me,” or “I am not smart enough.” But what if I change the way I see the situation and look at it as a challenge? An opportunity to learn something new, a chance to grow in my relationships, and to see my life as a beautiful learning opportunity.

So I have been trying this. What I am finding is by changing the way I approach my fears or insecurities, it is changing my state to be excited, confident, and more relaxed. Some situations it is easier to do and others it takes more exercise to strengthen this “new” muscle I am working out. But I am finding that I am welcoming the charge I get from acknowledging these new opportunities.

I hope you all have a fabulous day.

Create Your Day posts are daily positive messages written by our staff.

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