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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Create Your Day

Two children wake up on Christmas morning eager to see what Santa brought them.

They rush downstairs and see a note to go into the barn. They run to the barn and there they see a big pile of fresh horse manure with a sign that says “Merry Christmas.”

One child groans and says: “Oh great, now we have to clean up all this manure! What a lousy present.”

The other child claps her hands with glee and says “Wow! With all this horse manure there must a pony somewhere. What a great present!”

Same pile of horse manure but what a different response! One child’s Focus was on the work it would take to clean up that pile of manure, and that Focus resulted in a disappointed and angry State which ruined the day for him. The other child Focused on the joy of having a pony, on gratitude, and that Focus resulted in a joyous State that transformed her perception of the pile of horse manure into something wonderful.

The moral of the story (and yes, there really was a pony with a big red bow on it and a note that said “Merry Christmas”) is that what we Focus on will influence our emotional and mental State, and our State can determine how we perceive and then how we react to whatever we see or hear or experience.

So, why not Focus on the positive, on what we have accomplished, on what we can  accomplish,  on the abundance in our lives. We all have the power to change our thinking, change our state, change our perceptions, and change our lives. 

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