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Choosing Between Two 'Right' Choices

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Choosing Between Two Rights

I have decided to pursue a new endeavor in my personal life and it has required additional classes and reading. In this reading there was a quote that I found really speaks to our experience here. It is a quote that I have heard many times, but to be honest I have only ever heard the first part.

“Ethical behavior is doing what’s right even when no one is looking, even when doing the wrong thing is legal.”

Aldo Leopold

Obviously we would never do anything illegal in our care for patients, but how often are you faced with 2 ‘right’ choices when one of them is better than the other for a patient or for our clinic? You wouldn’t choose it knowing it was not the best choice for our patient or clinic, even though in the scheme of things it’s acceptable.

Often when we have those 2 ‘right’ choices, one is a harder choice to make than the other, but when we have integrity we make the harder choice if it’s the better choice.

This speaks directly to our values as a clinic; Do the right thing – and when faced with more than 1 ‘right choice’ do what’s best, this is how we do the best we can, and anytime we do the first thing you can be assured people will know that you care.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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