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Clothing in Hot Climates

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Video Transcript:

Here’s another daily tip from your local dermatologist.

So here’s another tip from your local dermatologist, who spent some pretty long periods of time in some pretty hot places. One thing I’ve learned is a lot of people think that the hotter it is outside, that the less clothes you need to wear, and that’s actually completely false. If you look at people who are in the Middle East or people who are in very hot climates, they will oftentimes have two or three layers of very thin cotton, and that allows a breeze to come through, and it keeps the sun off of them.

So rethink what you’re wearing when it’s very hot out, and take a lesson from people who’ve lived in these climates for centuries. Multiple thin layers of cotton will not only protect your skin from the sun, it will also keep you cooler.

Dr. Reagan Anderson is a local dermatologist from Colorado Springs.

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