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Coronavirus Update For Patients

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

March 2020

Coronavirus Update

“Helping Your Become Comfortable in Your Skin” includes taking all precautions for the health of our patients. First, for as long as the Coronavirus remains a concern, if you are elderly and/or have a serious chronic medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, your immune system is suppressed or you are a tobacco smoker, or if you are experiencing headache, sore throat, or respiratory difficulty, we recommend you stay home and reschedule all appointments not related to cancer treatments or that are not-urgent. If you are experiencing headache, fever, unusual tiredness, cough, or have been exposed to someone who has the Coronavirus, we recommend you seek medical care at a facility equipped to handle testing for the Coronavirus. For those that are healthy and wish to keep or make an appointment, rest assured that we are taking all precautions for the health of our patients and staff. Long before the Coronavirus outbreak, our normal clinic protocols called for the following sanitization procedures:

• Routine disinfecting of all exam/surgery rooms between each patient. This includes disinfecting the exam table, chairs, all surfaces, door and cabinet handles and then placing a new paper covering on the exam tables before the next patient is seen.
• Daily disinfection of the Reception room chairs, Check In and Check-Out counters, door handles and handrails, and the Bathroom.
• Placement and liberal use of hand sanitizer throughout the clinic that our staff uses between patients and throughout the day. This hand sanitizer is also available for patient’s use while in the clinic.
• Any staff member who is running a fever or is contagious is required to stay home and if a staff member is home for illness after seeing a Provider, they must bring in a note from that Provider to confirm that they have been treated and are not contagious.

As an additional precaution because of the Coronavirus, we have suspended handshaking as we greet our patients and we are asking all patients when they call in to schedule an appointment if they are experiencing symptoms such as: Fevers, Chills/Night Sweats, Headache, Coughing and if those are recent and not an ongoing issue because of allergies etc., we are asking them to call their Primary Care Provider and reschedule their appointment with us. If a patient comes in for their appointment and is experiencing these same symptoms that are not ongoing because of allergies etc., one of our Providers will see them to determine if they should go to their Primary Care Provider and then be rescheduled.

As a matter of routine and not just due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all patients are advised to frequently wash their hands or use hand sanitizers that contain alcohol, avoid touching their face, and cover their cough or sneeze with a sleeve or a tissue.

Finally, while we should all pay attention to and take precautions because of the Coronavirus outbreak, these same precautions should be routinely taken to help lessen the chance of catching the Flu or any other communicable illness. Rest assured that we will continue following all our normal sanitization protocols for your continued safety.

Please call us at 719-531-5400 if you have any questions or concerns.

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