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Discoid Lupus

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Video Transcript:

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist.

So discoid lupus is a type of lupus or autoimmune condition where your body is eating your skin. Now usually it happens in sun exposed areas, because usually the sun is the main contributing factor that interacts with your own genetics and causes the different types of rashes that occur when you have this condition. So it’s almost always on some exposed areas, and it looks like a little scar that’s forming there. And so if you’re getting unusual looking things anywhere on your body, then that satisfies the growing or changing rule of the ABCDEs, and you need to come in and be seen.

Now if you’re diagnosed with discoid lupus, usually your dermatologist will do lab tests to see if the lupus has gone internal. You know it’s less than a 20% chance and some people say less than a 5% chance that discoid lupus will actually turn into systemic lupus, which is affecting your kidneys and basically every organ system of your body. So it’s a small percentage of discoid lupus that will progress to systemic lupus. But you really need to have a conversation with either your local dermatologist or rheumatologist about how we’re gonna treat this, and the lab monitoring to make sure it hasn’t progressed to systemic lupus. 

Remember sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of getting the little lesions. So please, please, please, lots of sunscreen, and again, my favorite sunscreens are things that have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in them, and you use them every day of your life. Even if it’s overcast and rainy and all you’re going to be doing is driving in your car five minutes to the mall. 

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