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Don't Let the Wind Dictate Your Destiny

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Sometimes the temptation is to think that tasks are devoid of soul, meaning, and importance. Sometimes we look at numbers as unimaginative and uninspiring. But if you do not understand the WHY behind a task and if you don’t take the effort to measure something, how are you going to know how you are doing and how to make it better?

When we care enough to want to do better, we actively test and measure our progress so that it can be improved. Otherwise, we blindly go through our day and our lives being blown by the wind. And I for one want nothing of the type of life that results when the wind dictates my destiny.

At CDI we measure and independently test as many things as we can. That is why we enjoy the highest rating of quality care that can be awarded to a Dermatology Clinic by NCQA. And it is why we will continue to measure our performance so that when we say we deliver outstanding, unparalleled, and superior customer service – we can back it up.

So today, let’s focus on having our patients, our vendors, and everyone with whom we come in contact with viscerally FEEL that they are the most important, honored, and respected person in the world.

I believe in all of you!

This message written by Dr. Reagan Anderson.

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