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Focusing on Life and Abundance

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Create Your Day

A friend who reads our Create Your Day thoughts told me of an experience she had that was a real life example of the power of focus and mindset. She went to a meeting where she saw a woman she’s been friends with for years, and who has remained very active in various endeavors. As they caught up, this woman revealed that a few years ago she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When asked why she hadn’t said anything before, and how she’s been able to continue being so active, the woman said that she doesn’t tell many people about her condition, and hadn’t dropped out of the various activities in which she’d always been involved because her Parkinson’s disease doesn’t define her. She is still the same woman my friend has known all these years. Parkinson’s is just something that is happening to her body.

So rather than letting her disease define and limit her, she refuses to focus on that and instead focuses on life and abundance, on the things and associations that have always been fulfilling and make her happy; and she powers through life as she always has. This woman is living proof that WHAT we focus on grows, and our mindset determines HOW we handle life’s ups and downs.

Curl up in a ball and fade away, or defiantly decide that WE will define who we are, not anyone or anything else. The choice is ours – choose wisely.

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