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Food Cravings

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Video Transcript

Here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

So, do you know that you really aren’t in control of your food cravings? Blows your mind doesn’t it? It’s actually a combination of what you need psychologically based off of what you’re addicted to by the food that you consume because remember food is a drug and a combination of what the bacteria in your gut is Addicted to. That produces the cravings for what you want to eat. Now people say that’s insane but more and more evidence is being shown that the bacteria in your gut send cravings to your brain that influences what you eat on a daily basis. So, how do you change the flora or the bacteria that are in your gut that are telling your brain what to consume? And what you do is you stick to a strict diet of getting rid of the junk for six weeks without cheating, and if you can stick to your diet for six weeks without cheating with a good plant-based diet, not a lot of processed food, not a lot of sugars. For six weeks, you will notice that at the end of that six weeks. You don’t have the same degree of cravings that you used to because the gut bacteria has all changed. The unhealthy stuff is gone and the healthful stuff that’s telling you to consume things like broccoli and cucumbers and avocado, that’s there. So, that’ll take care of half the craving the other part of the craving comes from what we are psychologically addicted to. Just like if we were addicted to heroin, and I am drawing a direct comparison to it, because some of the foods like cheese, produces a compound in our stomachs that is analogous or similar to morphine. So every time you’re consuming something like cheese, you’re consuming a little bit of heroin and that is addictive. So if we can change our habits and our behaviors for six solid weeks and stick to it. You’re gonna lose a ton of weight. You’re gonna be more cut and ripped. You’re not going to have the cravings from the bad bacteria. Instead, you’re gonna have the cravings from the good bacteria and then you’re gonna start to get addicted to feeling well, feeling healthful, living to your utmost and then watch what your skin does.

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