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Four Tips For Younger Looking Skin!

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Sun, weather, and lifestyle choices have a dramatic effect on how young or old our skin appears.  Colorado’s generally beautiful climate is great to be out in, but it does present challenges for our skin.  Here are some tips to keep your skin looking youthful:

  1. Protect from the damaging effects of the sun.  Sun is essential for life but it is very hard on unprotected skin.  But if you keep your skin protected while in the sun (even on a cloudy day or while skiing) with a good quality sun screen with at least SPF 30 and which contains Zinc or Titanium Dioxide (or both), you can enjoy the sun and help your skin stay looking younger longer. We sell several varieties of good qualify sunscreens in the clinic.
  2. Dryness: Colorado’s dry climate makes for better outdoor living but it isn’t kind to your skin. Keep your skin moisturized with a good quality moisturizer and your skin will be happier. There is no need to buy expensive moisturizers and you should stay away from anything with artificial fragrance. There are several good quality and inexpensive moisturizers on the market. We carry several of them in the clinic and would be happy to discuss which one might be best for your skin type and activities.
  3. Lifestyle choices: Smoking, tanning beds, excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drugs are very hard on your skin. If you want to maintain healthy and youthful looking skin, maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep away from tanning beds – they are not only terrible for your skin, they can also promote skin cancer.

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