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Gardasil Vaccine

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado Springs Dermatologist Dr. Reagan Anderson

Video Transcript

So here’s another daily do from your local dermatologist!

Gardasil is a vaccine against HPV or human papilloma virus, and you’ve probably heard of HPV because it’s what causes warts, whether those works are on your hand, whether they’re genital warts, whether they’re warts on your feet or whether there are the warts that can contribute to cervical cancer forming. It’s all the same basic topic and Gardasil has a vaccine now that has nine different wart types that it protects against. Now it’s not meant to treat warts if you have them. It’s just meant to prevent. So the earlier you get this vaccine in life, the better it is for you because the less chance that you’ve been exposed to these wart types and if we can give you the immunization before you’re exposed to them, then your risk for developing those will be much reduced for the rest of your life and hopefully in 30, 40 years from now we will have eradicated most cases of cervical cancer because so many people will be immunized and we can kill off that type of wart virus. Now it’s usually a three shot series, doesn’t really hurt and please talk to your local primary care physician about if it’s right for you, because again, if we can prevent these warts from forming in the first place, then prevention is way better than treatment later.

Because Dermatologists treat more than just skin cancer!

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