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Giving Value to Others

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Years ago I needed to borrow my neighbor’s pick-up truck to take an engine to a machine shop to get it rebuilt. My neighbor volunteered his truck as he had known me for years and was happy to help out. After taking the engine to the machine shop I took my neighbor’s truck to the gas station to fill up his tank, and then to the car wash to make it shine. When I returned the truck to him he was very happy and asked if I wanted to borrow it next week as well!

The point is that you give value to others, then you give them more value even when they are doing you a favor, then you give them more value still.

For so many years it seems that advertisers and businesses have been asking people to give them their business after touting that they are the best. And for years this has worked. Our business has never operated this way. We have always operated with the philosophy that we offer value first without asking for anything in return. This is why we are so Customer Service oriented. This is why we publish Doctors Quarterly – to educate others and give them incredible value. It is why our business is booming and why we teach others how to help their business be successful. We are constantly trying to help others in every way we can. It is why I like coming to work every day, because I know that all day long I am trying to help people in any way that I can.

Thank you for helping me focus on value and what that means to so many.

This message was written by Dr. Reagan Anderson, a local dermatologist from Colorado Springs.

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