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From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.”

– Ken Blanchard

A few weeks ago I needed to get my vision checked, and I went to an ophthalmologist, had a good exam and then went into trying to pick out a pair of glasses. It was end of the day and week, and both myself and the representative at the ophthalmologist wanted the day to be over and in the end I didn’t even try on glasses which ended up costing them some business.

I remember this podcast that I listened to about Warby Parker and how they have revolutionized the way eyeglasses are purchased from the consumer’s standpoint by picking out glasses online, and how they give back to the community. After listening to the podcast I was intrigued to try it out. First things first, their website is very simple, classy, and easy to use. To see what glasses you like, you take this simple quiz about the type of face you have and what type of glasses you like, and then you select five frames you like and they ship them to you for free to try on with a return label to ship them back once you are done trying them on.

After I selected five frames from their website, I found out they have an actual store in Denver. We were in the area and decided to stop at the store, and what an experience we had from a consumer’s perspective. We were greeted with a warm smile from several of their sales associates. The atmosphere had a great vibe, it was not your normal boring eyeglasses experience. It was hip, no pressure, and all their employees were having a good time and extremely friendly. We tried on several glasses and received honest feedback if they looked good on us or not.

After about an hour trying on glasses, my wife and I both found a pair we liked and the checkout process was EXTREMELY easy. They have their processes down! They ran our vision insurance and my glasses and lenses were $270.00 and with our insurance I only had to pay $25.00! The sales associate mentioned we have one of the best vision plans out there. Thank you Dr. Anderson! Because the cost was so low my wife even got a pair for $25.00.

After placing the order we received one pair of glasses in the mail within a week and the other pair we received an email stating when my glasses were made, they noticed a slight imperfection and they are not in the business of providing less than perfect glasses, so they are preparing a replacement pair with an expedited rush on the order.

My experience from A to Z definitely made me a raving fan of Warby Parker, and I have referred many friends and family to their website and store. Why? Because of the way they treated me from beginning to end. Their website is phenomenal; they greeted us with a warm smile; they treated us with respect, dignity, and honesty; their process is well defined; and they communicated when things went wrong.

Does all this sound familiar? This is exactly what we do every day with our patients. We have an amazing website. We greet our patients by name with a warm smile and handshake. We treat our patients with respect, dignity and honesty. Our processes are well defined, and we communicate very effectively with our patients.

I know we create raving fans with our patients every day (I hear it at checkout every day at the south office), from the beginning when patients are scheduled, to when patients arrive to the clinic and we greet them by name and with a warm smile and handshake, to the interaction with the MAs and providers, to checkout and to end with followup from us if needed. There are a lot of moving parts with our process, and because of everything each and every one of you do day in day out we are creating raving fans, so THANK YOU for all you do!

Have an amazing weekend!

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