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Medications Before Surgery

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Daily Do of Dermatology - Title

Video Transcript:

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist.

So people sometimes come into the office for surgery, and they’re on all sorts of things that make their blood thinner. And then it makes the surgery a little bit more difficult because we’re having to control the bleeding more than we would have if they weren’t consuming these substances. So the basic rule of thumb by most dermatologists is if another healthcare provider has asked you to be on a substance, then please be on it. So that obviously means all prescription medications because they’re prescribed, but it also means non-prescription medications or supplements that your healthcare provider thinks you should be on for your overall health. And my rule of thumb is if another provider has told you to take them, then please take them. Let me know about it so I can prepare, but please keep taking them.

However, if you’re just taking a over-the-counter supplement or vitamin or medication because you think you should, and those are the ones I want you to stop for two weeks prior to your surgery, so that we don’t have more undue bleeding. It’ll help you recover quicker. It’ll help us do our job better, and everybody wins. So, let’s go over a couple of things that are included in this list. Number one, all of the NSAIDs. So that’s all the aspirins, the Aleves, the Motrins, all of those I want you to stop two weeks prior, again, unless another healthcare provider has asked you to stay on them.

Now please be careful about different things that you consume that are over the counter, and make sure that they are not in those. Like sometimes cold and flu remedies, have these substances in them, and you don’t even know you’re consuming them. So for two weeks prior to a surgery, please make sure that you’re looking at everything that you consume. The rest of the list is more on the supplements and vitamins. So fish oil, garlic, ginseng, glucosamine, Vitamin E, you know, those are kind of the big ones. So if you’re consuming an actual pill form of these substances, then I want you to back off for two weeks, again, unless the healthcare provider told you to stay on them. 

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