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New Year Values – A Morning Motivational

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Video Transcript:

All right, good morning everyone! Everybody have a good break? Yeah, ha ha, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and some time off. How many of us had that moment where we’re like, “It’s time to get back to work.” Yeah, you don’t have to right? Some of you, some of, you like, “It was time to retire! Oh, hey, this is awesome!” 

But you know, we have a, we have a great opportunity. I’ll be honest with you. I’m a little nervous, right? We’ve been gone for 11 days. I’m kind of wondering what the new year is going to bring , what challenges, what everything. But when I have that, I also have confidence in who I get to work with. So I know that we’re a team. I know that we’ll do it together. And I know that we’ll build this place to be what all of us want it to be.

So, it’s a new year. It’s a new year for resolutions and it’s a new year to kind of take a fresh look at everything. So please today, take a fresh look at everything. What can we improve? What can we make better? What can we do so, that this place resonates with how we want our lives to be. We have our core values. So I’m going to ask for audience participation, even down at Lake. 

So number one is: Do the right thing. Great! Number two? Do the best you can. Number three? Show others you care.

So please this year hold me accountable. I’ll hold you accountable, and as a team, we’ll get to where we all want to be. The “what we do” is dermatology. We try to help people be unencumbered by diseases of the skin, hair and nails. How we do it? Oh we have people come in, and we look them over, and then we give them suggestions. Maybe have them come back, maybe follow up, maybe surgery, maybe over the counters, how we do it. Though why we do it? That’s something I can’t answer for you. Only you can answer why you are here.

There’s lots of places you could get a paycheck from. There are lots of places you could work at. There are lots of things you could be doing with your time. Why here? Why in this clinic with these people? And I’d encourage you to ask that question for yourself. This year. Today. Tomorrow. The next day. Why do we do what we do? Perhaps you could even ask it, not only for work, perhaps you could ask it in every aspect of your life. Why am I driving calmly? Why am I driving aggressively? Does my middle finger really need to be up right now? You know? These sorts of questions: Why?

I’ll tell you what my why is. I love helping people. My entire life I found value and who I am as a human, by helping somebody else get to where they need to be. What I do not like, my why is not treating a bunch of diseases. Don’t want to, I don’t want to put people in the disease category. I want to put people in the human category. I want to wrap my arms around them, figuratively, and I want to help them, so that whatever they’re coming into this clinic with it, doesn’t impede them from living their dreams. I want to treat them as people. And how we built this clinic, and how Lake is built, is that everybody who comes in here feels like a person.

That means dignity. That means respect. That means taking all of our collaborative talents, helping each other, so that nothing gets in the way of our patients getting what they need. Because if we aren’t projecting professionalism, if we aren’t protecting their privacy, if the place isn’t clean, if our billing is completely screwed up, if fill-in-the-blank for anything and everything we’re doing that is, just that’s distracting our patients from getting the care that they need, then shame on us. It’s not about us. Why I am here is to help others.

Now I’m not going to get abused by it. I’m not going to let people overstep boundaries. But that’s my “why.” Every task that we do today has a “why” behind it, and I hope the “why” starts with number one? Do the right thing. Number two? Do the best you can. Number three? Let’s figure out each individual “why” and our collective “why.” Please let me know what I can do to help you reach your “why.”

We’re doing a book club. That’s completely voluntary. I read the book. It is amazing, it’s one of the ten best I’ve ever read in my life. Those of you who are doing it. Awesome. Those are you who aren’t doing it, awesome, find your own way! Right? We are doing the Tony Robbins business mastery to help us wrap our minds around all these little things that contribute to our patients getting what they need, without being worried, about things they don’t need to be worried about, or frustrated about things they don’t need to be frustrated about. We’re doing these morning meetings. We do quarterly 360-degree evals. You guys know you can come to me, you can come to Dr. Bielfield, you can come to any of our wonderful providers, and say what you need from us.

We are not here, the providers are not here, to make you conform to us. That’s how every other place works. It does not work in my clinic. I am here for you. My providers are here for you. The corollary to that, is that they and I get what we need. But our starting point for everything we do here, is not “We are dermatologists. We are great! Everybody come to us!” Our philosophy is, “We are here for you.” And if we can all embody that this year, I think each day coming to work, we’ll find out something new, something that propels us to that next stage in life.

So help me, help you. 

Dr. Reagan Anderson is a local dermatologist from Colorado Springs.

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