Sunscreen and Cancer

Here are some quick facts about sunscreen and cancer that may help you understand the importance of the application and its use. “Broad spectrum” protection means your skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays. Both of these types of rays are damaging to your collagen: UVA is a deeper ray that is the major cause of wrinkling and aging, and may cause skin cancer, while UVB rays are actually more damaging, is more potent in producing sunburns, and is the main cause of squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer, and melanoma.   It is imperative when purchasing sunscreen to make sure that it contain either Zinc, or Titanium Dioxide. Sunscreen needs to be applied every day, because the sun’s rays are so powerful they can go through your windows, and even on cloudy days, the rays are harmful. When applying sunscreen, it is best to visualize a shot glass, and that’s how much you should use for your whole body.   Make sure to apply it at least fifteen minutes before going in the sun, and try to avoid being out in the sun between 10am-4pm. The last thing to remember (and the most important!) is to re-apply every two hours. Colorado Dermatology Institute, carries several different brands of sunscreen at our office and are happy to advise you in which would be right for your skin type.

The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

If the eyes are truly the window to the soul, I want my window looking as nice as possible! So why do we get those “crows feet” wrinkles around the eyes, anyway? I hate to tell you this, but most of the wrinkles you get are the result of your genetics.   Having said that, what you did with your skin when you were younger is vitally important to how it looks now. If you spent a lot of time in the sun and were exposed to UV rays, it will show on your skin later in life. If you’re a smoker, that is also a damaging agent that weaks havoc on your skin. In addition to these environmental factors, wrinkles are the result of a loss of elasticity in the skin which is caused by a weakening or loss of elastin and collagen.   In addition to wearing sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure (especially from noon to about three o’clock in the afternoon), it is important to keep your skin well moisturized and to keep that collagen stimulated. Medical grade skin moisturizers are more effective than over-the-counter products in combating wrinkles because medical-grade products are made with smaller molecules that deliver nutrients deep into the skin, annd the ingredients are more concentrated.   To rev up that collagen, there are many different procedures available, from chemical peels to lasers. Botox is also an option to help prevent muscle contraction which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. For both men and women, Botox is the number one treatment requested for anti-aging around the eye region. At Colorado Dermatology Institute you can receive Botox injections by a Board Certified Dermatologist with extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology procedures and we also have several excellent medical grade moisturizing eye creams that will make a big impact on softening the look of harsh crows feet. Contact us today if you’re interested!

Makeup Brushes Choices

There are so many decisions to make on makeup brushes… it’s really hard to decide where to start. I would start with choosing the type of material the brush is made of. There are generally two types; synthetic and natural. Synthetic works really well for a wetter product (like a liquid foundation or cream-based product). Natural hair brushes give a smoother appearance with less chance of streaks. Here are seven “must have” brushes to start your collection:
  1. foundation brush (synthetic bristles)
  2. concealer brush (synthetic bristles)
  3. powder
  4. blush
  5. large eye shadow brush (natural bristles)
  6. medium eye shadow brush (natural bristles)
  7. small eye shadow brush (natural bristles)
Having these will set you up for a professional makeup application. The brushes should be cleaned every three to four days with a gentle face cleanser. And a very important tip is to lay the brush at an angle to dry, with the handle lying upwards, so the water does not travel to the wooden base. With proper care and handling, the makeup brushes should last a very long time. Lory Chisholm, Aesthetician

Vitamin C, The Antioxidant

There are so many antioxidants on the market… how do you know which one is right for you? In our opinion, there’s one that stands out far above the others—Vitamin C! It’s the most powerful antioxidant available. The benefits are a bright and luminous glow to your skin, it regenerates collagen, and also increases elasticity. The brand of Vitamin C we like at Colorado Dermatology Institute is Obagi. Obagi has found a way to stabilize this powerful vitamin, and make the molecule small enough to penetrate and to absorb into the skin. Vitamin C does have its limitations (for example, it is very complicated to stabilize), and there are lots of creams for sale that have Vitamin C in them, but the percentage is a guess, so you may think you’ve purchased a high quality product, but it really doesn’t have the science and research to back it up. Obagi has in fact invested the scientific research necessary to produce a high quality Vitamin C product for the skin that you can use with confidence. We are pleased to offer Obagi products at Colorado Dermatology Institute.

Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Finding Good Makeup For Sensitive Skin

best makeup for sensitive skinIf you have sensitive skin, you’ve probably had a hard time finding makeup for sensitive skin that doesn’t irritate your skin. Many products on the market contain harsh and irritating ingredients in them. Not only can these harsh chemicals act as irritants, but they can also cause a burden on your immune system, allowing it less time to repair and heal, which leads to premature aging.   If you’ve struggled with these kinds of sensitivity issues, you’ve got to check out the Hylunia skin care line. It was specifically made for people with sensitive skin. Hylunia has products that calm and soothe the skin, and that are safe and effective, along with being truly free of preservatives, parabens, fragrance, lanolin, alcohol, dye, propylene glycol, animal or human derived ingredients. Colorado Dermatology Institute is proud to carry Hylunia products. Contact us if you’d like a free sample! Dermatology is a complex practice of helping nurture and protect your largest organ. Your skin takes a lot of abuse, so finding make up that works and that is also effective is important. Colorado Dermatology offers many products that may help you realize you can have the best of both world’s. Make up that looks great and also is non irritating to your skin.  If you would like more information on what Colorado Dermatology Institute can do for you give us a call or send us an email via our contact form. We would be happy to help you realize your skins full potential. Healthy skin is one of the key ingredients to having a healthy life and important to the overall health of your body. Save

NeoCutis PSP

NeoCutis’ research team has found an innovative technology that helps heal wounds without scarring by using a single donation of fetal tissue under strict legal and ethical laws of Switzerland, along with rich proteins. Researchers named this process PSP®. Studies have shown that after two months of use, these products help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. PSP also improves tone and texture, as well as enhancing skin elasticity. This state of the art skin care line has several products that are specific to certain needs and skin types. They even have a lightening cream with a 4% hydroquinone, which will help with unsightly sun spots. These creams are available at Colorado Dermatology Institute.

Niacin Skin Therapy

One of our favorite skin care product lines we carry in our clinic is called Nia24. Nia24’s products are based on Niacin, (which is actually vitamin B3). This line has MicroNutrient Delivery, which means the molecule is small enough to pass through your top layer of skin, down to the epidermis where it stimulates the DNA repair cells. Nia24 also repairs your cells by releasing a natural hormone to strengthen them. We’ve found their Intensive Recovery Complex and Eye Repair Complex to be very moisturizing, which in Colorado’s harsh environment can be quite challenging to achieve. Their Sun Damage Prevention Lotion is extremely nice because it is oil-free and light weight while also having an SPF of 30. As a result of the technology Nia24 has in it, you get a medical grade product that moisturizes’, repairs and protects. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about it.

Restylane Lip Augmentation

Want to add volume and firmness to your lips? Restylane is an FDA approved filler for wrinkles and for enhancing lips. Restylane is a hyaluronic gel that is injected into the skin or the lips. It adds volume, making the face appear softer and more youthful and lips appear more full. To get the treatment, a consultation is required to determine the amount needed to achieve desired results. The procedure for wrinkles is done in the lower one third of the face, around the mouth region or directly into the lip. The treatment takes about thirty minutes, and results are immediate. The first day, the area will be swollen and red and it usually takes about a week for any swelling and bruising to subside. The results last approximately twelve months for wrinkles and six months for the lip area. Restylane can be used on just about anyone, but if you have severe allergies it is important to talk with your physician first about possible reactions. It costs $400 per syringe. If you’re interested in Restalyne, give Colorado Dermatology Institute a call!

Radiesse Wrinkle Filler

Radiesse is a unique wrinkle filler that is a calcium based microsphere and gel-based filler. It has a heavier and bigger molecule than the hyaluronic gel fillers. Because of this, placing this product in a thicker area of the face, like the area from your nose to your mouth, is perfect. Faces are like mattresses; as they get older, the coils get softer and the support system starts to break. Radiesse stimulates your natural collagen, making it produce more. Depending on where you have the product injected, it could last up to one year. Side effects may include bruising, redness or swelling. The in-office procedure takes about 30 minutes, and the results are immediate. At Colorado Dermatology Institute, Dr. Anderson is the only physician who performs this treatment. The cost is $599 for a 1.5cc syringe and $399 for a .8cc syringe. Contact us for a visit to see if Radiesse is right for you!

Make Your Lashes Longer and Stronger with Latisse

It’s a proven fact that as we age, our eyelashes get thinner. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an FDA approved product called Latisse that will help your eyelashes become darker, and grow thicker and longer. It only takes four weeks to start seeing results. All you have to do is apply on your top lash line at night, just like liquid eyeliner. The Latisse kit comes with a pair of 30 day applicator brushes. If you stop applying the treatments, your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance. It is a very safe product, over 2.5 million kits have been sold, and it has been studied for safety and efficacy. As with all cosmetics and pharmaceuticals,  there are some possible side effects: eye redness, itchy eyes or dryness. The number one question we’re asked is about the possiblity of your eye color changing. There is always a possibility of this happening, but the chances are unlikely. Remember not to apply Lattise directly into the eye or on the lower eye lid. The kit is sold for $99 at Colorado Dermatology Institute.