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Thinning Lashes and Latisse®

For those struggling with short or thinning lashes, as part of our comprehensive continuum of care, we offer patients LATISSE®, a cosmetic service that is an FDA-approved treatment to help grow eyelashes for patients with inadequate/thinning lashes. Give us a call at 719.531.5400 to learn more!

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Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Options

We’re proud to be the only dermatology clinic in southern Colorado to offer patients an effective non-surgical treatment option for select non-melanoma skin cancers using Superficial Radiotherapy with the SRT-100™. The device is small enough to fit into regular exam rooms and has short treatment sessions as well as an excellent cure rate. This system …

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Does Indoor Tanning Increase The Risk Of Skin Cancer?

Colorado’s high altitude means the UV rays are generally more intense than other parts of the country, which makes it more likely to get for your skin to get overexposed. However, some of THE most harmful rays come from indoor tanning beds. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, even one indoor tanning session can …

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Understanding Your Skin

As skin specialists, we strive to exceed your expectations with every visit! It is our pleasure to actively educate you, talk about potential treatments, and explain how to use medicine so that you can become Comfortable in Your Skin®. With a variety of skin care treatments designed to restore, refresh and rejuvenate the health of …

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