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Plant Benefits

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Video Transcript

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

Let’s talk about the Feng Shui of your skin. Alright now I know I’m taking a little bit of a stretch here, but bear with me you. See these plants that are in my clinic? I specifically put them here because I think live plants calm a place down, they bring a warmth, gentleness, home-like vibe to the place. So we have them all around. So let’s talk about why I have the plants here that I do. Look at the ivories, they clean the air. Look at the mother-in-law’s tongue, they actually distribute oxygen at night while you sleep in your room. So at home, I have a lot of mother-in-law’s tongues, because as I’m sleeping, I want more oxygen in my room. I want to feel the gentleness as I’m catching my Z’s. But let’s also talk about other plants that have medicinal benefits. What about aloe vera? I have, for ever, had an aloe vera plant in my kitchen, because it’s a succulent. It really requires hardly any water to keep it alive. Just put it in the sun, give it some water every couple of weeks and when you get a burn, well, you can put it on the burn. When you get a skin irritation, you can put it on a skin irritation. We have a whole video on aloe vera, it’s amazing stuff. So guys, let’s design our lives for us. Let’s have the aesthetic beauty. Let’s have the oxygen pouring in. Let’s calm our moods down. Let’s have some medicinal plants that are present, like aloe vera, maybe lavender, maybe sage. There’s all sorts of wonderful wisdom that’s found in the plant world. Let’s design your home, your office space, to meet your needs.

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