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Post Surgical Care for the Nose

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado Springs Dermatologist Dr. Reagan Anderson

Video Transcript

Here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

Today we’re gonna talk about post surgical care for if you have your nose operated on. Now the nose, well, there’s no tissue like it in the body. If you think about it. It’s got lots of pores, It’s very oily and when you need to reconstruct a nose there’s not a lot of tissue that can move around, It’s a very difficult area of the body to reconstruct. So a lot of care and attention has been made by your doctor to reconstruct this special guy. What do you need to do to keep it safe, to keep it not bothered? Well, as always we recommend not getting it wet for at least 24 hours, preferably 48 hours. We recommend that if the wound comes even close to where your glasses sit that you never let your glasses sit directly on the wound for at least four weeks, preferably six weeks. We don’t want the weight of the glasses to constantly be there to try to rip the wound open. We really need to avoid blowing the nose because when you do that back and forth seesaw motion when you’re blowing your nose, think about it, you could rip something completely off. That’s not good. Next if snot or mucus is anywhere near the wound you have to keep it away from the wound because that will increase the chances of infection. Anytime the nose is operated on you could get black eyes either on one side or both sides. So please be aware of that. For post surgical pain we always recommend a little bit of ice, five minutes an hour while you’re awake for the first day, sometimes the second day and last but not least, please be gentle with this. Anything that you can think of that bothers the nose, please back off. That means if you use really heavy makeup, please don’t for about a week because if you need to take it off with something harsh like a chemical, you don’t want to be rubbing and scrubbing with something harsh. A little TLC, a little tender, loving care for the old schnoz. It’s going to go a long way.

Because Dermatologists treat more than just skin cancer!

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