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Post Surgical Care – Hands

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado Springs Dermatologist Dr. Reagan Anderson

Video Transcript

So let’s talk about if you need to have a surgery on a hand and I’m talking about dermatology procedures, because this has some pretty unique requirements, characteristics and things you need to do for your wound care so it heals well. Number one, you can’t grip anything tightly for six weeks. So steering wheel’s, the thousand pound dumbbells um anything tightly, you can’t grip for six weeks because when you grip there’s a lot of tension back here and it could rip the wound open. It also means you shouldn’t be doing any repetitive activities like playing guitar or piano or anything like this that is gonna put stress on the wound for the first six weeks. Now I like you to keep your wounds as dry as possible for at least one week and what I recommend is getting just the disposable gloves that you can put on. You can get them at a hardware store. You can get them at a grocery store They don’t have to be expensive but use those when you use the bathroom for the first week. So you just take them off and you don’t have to wash your hands, cause again, we don’t want the dirty water or the fecal matter to get in the wound. Also when you’re taking a shower get those dish gloves that go all the way up to here and put three or four or five rubber bands on them up at the top so that minimal water goes down onto your hand, so when you’re in the shower, you can still bathe everything but keep the area protected. Please, please, please be careful with things that you’ve never thought about before like putting your hand in a pocket. Putting a glove on if it’s cold out, all of these topics, anything that can put pull or pressure or friction, anything like that, you have to back off for six weeks so it can heal. All right, please talk to your doctor before your surgery about anything that would preclude you from getting hand surgery and if it’s a job that you have to do, ask them what your options are. Guys a little planning and forethought, giving us the information that we need so we can have a dialogue will really help us hit this out of the park.

Because Dermatologists treat more than just skin cancer!

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