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Procedure Scarring Options

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Video Transcript

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

Does a mole removal procedure always result in the scar? and the answer is absolutely. Whether or not you can see it, that’s one thing. Whether or not you’re happy with it, that’s another thing, but you will always have a scar from any type of surgical procedure. Now, a lot of times for the moles that stick up and out and they’re just getting caught on razors or you just don’t like how they look, what I’ll often recommend is just a shave procedure where you shave the top portion off, and we have a video so you can see what that’s all about. The reason I recommend that is if I’m not concerned that there’s a cancer there or an atypical mole there and we’re just trying to remove it for either cosmetic reasons or so It doesn’t get hit by the barber, if we shave it just flush with the skin and you don’t like the result, well, we can always go to a excision where we cut it out and stitch it up. But if we go right to the cut it out and stitch it up. Well, you’re kind of stuck with the result. So doing a shave first, and if you don’t like it having a back-up plan I think is better than going right to the procedure that there is no other plan. Now there are some circumstances where I just recommend cutting it out without doing the shave and your local dermatologist is there to help guide you through all these decisions. So please, have a conversation with your local dermatologist, but please also realize any procedure that is done has a scar. Now you might not like it, or you might like it but regardless of that there will be a scar. On the topic of removing a mole, I do not allow my clinic for them to be frozen off or burned off. In my opinion, the only thing that happens to a true mole is that it gets either shaved off, or cut out and then it’s looked at under the microscope to make sure that it’s okay. I do not support, nor do I agree with freezing a mole off, ever, or burning a mole off, ever.

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