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Showing Others We Care

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I wanted to touch a little on one of CDI’s core values which is “Show others you care.” I would like to share a quote: “Try to be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”

So recently, most of you know I experienced a rather unpleasant and very frustrating travel experience. Understanding that some events are out of anyone’s control and bad things happen from time to time, I believe its all in the approach and delivery of how the bad news can be delivered. My recent experience would have been easier to accept and deal with if someone on the other end would have expressed some sort of care or remorse, or to show me they cared about the horrible situation they created for my family and how it impacted our lives. All we received from the company that caused this event was “it is what it is, and this is all we can do.”

I think it is important to show other people you care in every aspect of life. From business to personal life I think we all have a duty as humans to build each other up and appreciate how every interaction can impact someone in a personal way. Working in the healthcare field we have a duty to always show others we care as this is a huge part of our job and a very important one at that.

Everyone have a great Friday, and thanks for showing our patients that we care!

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