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Sun Protection For Children

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado Springs Dermatologist Dr. Reagan Anderson

Video Transcript

So here’s another daily do from your local dermatologist!

Now sun protection for children is hugely important because children are very susceptible to damage from the Sun and we don’t want to produce a whole lifetime of sun damage and sun exposure when they’re still kids. So it’s very important to do and it will pay enormous dividends for your child as they grow up. Now the concepts for children are basically the same as concepts for adult. I love barriers. So whether that is underneath the shade or whether that is a hat or some protective clothing, those are my absolute favorites and then for the exposed skin, please use a sunscreen of SPF of about 30. Reapply it every two hours and just like for adults, my favorite sunscreens are ones that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide or both of them together in one. Just like with adults, chemical based sunscreens are not my favorite for children. I would rather have the zinc or titanium because it reflects the Sun, it doesn’t just change the energy of the Sun like the chemical based ones do. So, please protect your children, especially when they’re super young you’re all they have to help them be as helpful as possible.

Because Dermatologists treat more than just skin cancer!

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