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Super Glue and Skin

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Video Transcript

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

Okay, superglue and you. So people have heard about this crazy topic of putting superglue on your skin for a couple of different reasons, and I’m gonna talk about a few of them. And while superglue is not my favorite thing for anything on the skin, There are some uses that some people think are reasonably helpful. And number one is when your skin gets so dry that you have a crack, and that crack can be painful. You can put a little superglue right in the crack and that’ll help protect it. Help seal it up and help it not be as painful. Now, please watch our videos on how to take care of dry hands so that you don’t get those cracks in the first place. But you can use superglue for that. If you have a very small and very superficial cut or laceration on your skin, you can use superglue to kind of approximate and hold the wound together. A lot of times patients come in and while I’m doing surgery they ask ; “Doc the ER uses superglue, why don’t you?” and I say well, there’s a little bit of a difference usually and what the ER is doing and what we’re doing. So in dermatology surgery, we’re usually removing tissue and then we have to squeeze or pull that tissue together. Which means it’s under tension, and for that I prefer to use sutures because they’re just simply stronger. Now the ER usually is just putting two pieces of skin together that have been cut open, so there’s not any tension there. So again, superglue and you, well, there are some uses in dermatology.

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