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Surrounded by Heroes!

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Yesterday in the morning meeting we spoke about our patients being heroes. Each and every one of them has a story that if we knew it we would be blown away, inspired, and humbled to have the amazing privilege to serve these remarkable and heroic people. We get the honor of helping them live a life not encumbered by diseases of the skin, hair and nails; but more importantly, we get the incredible privilege of treating them as a human who has lived a heroic life!

Think about the:

  • Single parent – what they struggle with each and every day to provide for their children.
  • First Responders – what they put on the line each and every day to keep us safe.
  • Adult child who just buried a parent – what they have to process and deal with so that they can get back to living and helping others live.
  • Citizen who is going the extra mile to help their community – how they sacrifice time and effort on others instead of just focusing on themselves.
  • You, the incredible staff who I get the privilege of working with each and every day – how medicine is a difficult job and you do it so beautifully and thoughtfully.

The list goes on and on and I want to know about each and every one of them.

We have such an amazing job! We get to be surrounded by heroes every day and we get to honor their courage and their sacrifice by helping in the big and small ways that we can.

For the rest of this quarter, and perhaps the quarters to follow, we as a clinic are going to start telling the stories of our heroes to each other. They can be stories about our patients, about each other, about the people who sell us supplies, the people who deliver those supplies, about the pharmacist who goes the extra mile, about the janitor who makes our facilities clean each day… We will read them in our morning meetings and then you as a staff will vote on who has told the story that has moved you the most. And, whoever writes the story that moves the staff the most will get an extra $200 at the end of the quarter so that they can perhaps take a loved one out to a really nice dinner to celebrate the hero inside of them!

Here is how it will work:

  1. In a HIPAA compliant manner, write your story and send it to Robert, Jeff and I.
  2. We will read these stories to the staff during one of our morning meetings every week. If you want to read your own story instead of me, that would be awesome and it will give you a chance to polish your public speaking skills!
  3. We will catalog these stories and at the end of the quarter and then you will vote on them. Whoever writes the story that moves the staff the most will get an extra $200 at the end of the quarter.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear these stories. Thank you so much for allowing me to do this job that I love so much because when I think about it, I love this job because I am surrounded by and helping heroes each and every day.

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