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Sweet Potatoes

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

So here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist!

Alright, let’s talk about sweet potatoes because they’re an amazing vegetable andsweet potatoes have a lot of different things in it, from vitamin A, to antioxidants,to fiber, to all sorts of different things that they’re chock-full of,including vitamin C. Now,there’s this huge craze out there right now about consuming collagen protein and it will go into your skin and build stuff, andwhile there is some truth to that,I think we need to start with the building blocks of collagen itself.Which is vitamin C, and sweet potatoes have a lot of it. So, pleaseincorporate them into your diet.They’re delicious actually, but please don’t add a bunch of butter and a bunch of sugar and all that nonsense. They’re sweet potatoes.They’re sweet enough on their own, now for glycemic index,which is that how much sugar and stuff is in a product that releases insulin in your body andinformation and all that stuff. Sweet potatoes do have a relatively high glycemic index for the vegetables.Nowhere near compared to the glycemic index of a candy bar or something like that,but still for vegetables, relatively high. There’s a little tip here. Most of us cook our sweet potatoes in the oven.Well, that actually has a slightly higher glycemic index than cooking your sweet potatoes in the microwave.I know it blows your mind that the microwave might actually be healthier way of cooking one food, but give it a shot.It doesn’t take nearly as long as an oven, consumes less energy, and tends to have a slightly lower glycemic index.

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