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The "Bones" That Stay Constant Through Change

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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I have been thinking about remodeling and what stays and what goes. Not really sure why I am thinking about this but I think it has something to do with HGTV playing in our rooms.

Most of the time when you remodel something you do not change the “bones” of a place. Most of the time the walls and ceiling do not change. Sometimes, they are changed but this is usually only done due to something drastic happening or if life situations completely change. But, wall color, carpet, window dressings, furniture, … can relatively easily change as often as your whims and budget allow.

So what are the “bones” of CDI and what are the window dressings? I think the bones are Doing The Best We Can, Doing The Right Thing, and always Showing Others We Care. These I do not want to change, ever. But everything else is on the table.

Sometimes change is overwhelming. But if you look at the bones of this place I think they will provide the solid ground on which our organizations thrives through the window dressing changes any business naturally goes through.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

This message was written by Dr. Reagan Anderson, a dermatologist from Colorado Springs.

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