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The Core Values that Define Our Business Culture

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

When is a building more than just a building? When it is designed and purpose-built to mirror the core principles that define a business’s culture and values. As is the case with our North clinic on Scarborough Drive, Colorado Dermatology Institute’s (CDI) new South clinic on Lake Plaza Drive off of Lake Avenue is just such a building. It is as unique in how it was built as is its design which is unlike any other building in Colorado Springs. For CDI, the core principles or values that drove the new clinic’s design and systems were: Do the Right Thing, Do the Best You Can, and Show Others You Care.

Do the Right Thing: 

For CDI, doing the right thing means doing all we can for our patients’ care, for our community, and acting as responsible stewards of our environment. This extends to the design and operation of our clinics to provide the best of traditional dermatologic care along with proven  advancements in the treatment of issues affecting the skin, hair, and nails; and to provide that care in a welcoming, warm, and efficient setting. In addition, one of our goals in the design of our new clinic was to show others that a socially responsible building can be both aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient. Once you visit 1220 Lake Plaza Drive, we believe you will agree that we “Did the Right Thing.”

Do the Best You Can: 

Achieving  our design goals for the new clinic meant: (a) researching and thinking through the design of the building to showcase a distinctive architectural approach; (b) introducing “green” building materials that had not been used in Colorado Springs; and (c) holding true to our commitment to be good stewards of our environment. That meant a “green” building that conserved energy, minimized environmental pollution, was designed with respect for patient’s comfort, was laid out for efficient operations to respect patient’s time, and would also be cost-efficient. Out of our extensive research and consultation with experts in design, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency our new clinic took shape. We “Did the Best We Could” to bring a clinic to life that held true to our values and that our patients and our community would appreciate and be proud of. We invite you to visit our South clinic to see for yourself how we did.

Show Others You Care: 

A core driver in everything CDI does is to show that we care about and treat our patients as we would want our loved ones cared for and treated. This extends beyond our clinics and into the community. Caring for our patients and the community includes placement of our new clinic in southern Colorado Springs for the convenience of patients in that area, in Pueblo, and in other parts of Southern Colorado. Caring for our patients also means reducing wait times to see a provider and having an additional clinic gives us more exam rooms to accommodate more patients. Taking full advantage of more room requires more staff and we are pleased that Dr. Adrian Tinajero has joined us and that he and an additional physician assistant will be working out of the South Clinic for the convenience of our patients and for reduced wait times.

Our commitment to “Showing Others You Care” is further evidenced by the new clinic’s energy and environmental systems. To keep our patients comfortable while caring about the environment, we installed a modern geothermal heating and air conditioning system that draws warm and cool temperatures from the earth instead of from fossil fuel power generating plants. To help clean the air inside the building and also to provide a beautiful entranceway into the clinic, we installed a floor to ceiling living plant wall. To provide electrical energy, we use the newest bi-facial solar panel technology that draws power from the sun’s direct rays and also from sunlight reflected off of the roof. Working together, these systems benefit our patients, our environment, our community, and the clinic’s bottom line.

We invite you to visit our new South Clinic and see for yourself what is possible when core values drive the design and operation of a clinic that exists for patient-centered care, while also showcasing that aesthetics, concern for the environment, and the business side of medicine can coexist.


Dr. Reagan Anderson , Colorado Dermatology Institute


8580 Scarborough Dr #225

Colorado Springs, CO 80920


1220 Lake Plaza Dr

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

(719) 531-5400

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