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The Definition of Time

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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“Slow when you wait.
Fast when you’re late.
Short when you are happy.
Long when you feel bored.
Deadly when you are sad.
Endless when you are in pain.

Time’s impact on you is determined by your feelings and psychological conditions and not by clocks.”

– Anon

So, keep time in perspective. Respect its passing, and don’t waste it. For time waits for no one and it is one thing that once spent you will never get back. So don’t squander time by putting off what you know you should do, or saying that thing that you know you should say, or showing others that you care while there is still time to do so. When your time is up, better to know that you used your time well than to regret that you didn’t.

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