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The long road to success

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Mountain Climber

It has been a busy week of all sorts of milestones. We have really been working hard as a team to educate the public as much as possible with our websites, social media, videos, … and all of this is starting to pick up steam. Soon our educational material will be widely viewed and we will be educating and helping people take care of their skin to a wide audience across the planet! How amazing is that? And then one day you will hear about all of our educational material being an “overnight success.” We all know better.

So often I hear about things being “overnight successes” and while I suppose there must be a few of those out there, the vast majority of them took years of dedication and hard work before they started to pick up steam. For some reason the media loves to make us think that success happens to the lucky who just hit it rich with no effort. In reality, it is dedication, hard work, sacrifice, staying the course, … until you break through the barrier and claim your stake. Are we willing to do the work or do we just want everything handed to us? I promise, it is more rewarding to do the hard work.

Create your destiny each and every day!

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