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The Power of Anticipation

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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When I have plans of something to look forward to, it helps energize my life. I love to travel, experience new things, see new things… 

When I make plans and have something to look forward to, it helps give me motivation and persistence to stay the course and move forward even in difficult times. Even if it is a simple plan of hanging out with family or friends for a dinner or BBQ; plans to go to the gym or yoga; plans for a hike; waiting each week for GOT; or bigger items like an upcoming concert; or trip, I need something to look forward to.  We all work hard at what we do, and I like to stay energized by having something interesting to look forward to.

The power of anticipation can be a powerful emotion which has the great upside of improving our lives. If you find it difficult to think of something to anticipate, then create something simple to look forward to. Make some plans this weekend to do something new or something you really enjoy, I would venture to say it will make things look a little brighter and you will have a good time.

Have an amazing weekend!

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