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Thinning Hair

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Video Transcript:

Here’s another daily tip from your local dermatologist.

Is your hair starting to show your age? As we get older, or wiser as I like to say, we can often see our hairline receding, and our hair thinning. So here’s a couple of tips that will help with you.

Number one: Eat well! Fruits, veggies, they can’t do you harm.

Two: Please exercise, take care of yourself.

Three: Treat yourself, treat others well.

And four: Use Rogaine, and they have a generic version of it called minoxidil. So, I use the 5 percent strength, and I recommend that you do as well, whether you’re a woman or a man. Now the FDA has only approved the 2% for women, but I don’t know of any dermatologists who recommend the 2%. I just recommend the 5% for everybody, as do the vast majority of my colleagues.

Now you put it on once or twice a day to the areas that are thinning. Please keep it about 2 inches back from where your hairline was originally. Because if your hair used to be here, and you put it all the way down here, you might start growing here on your forehead, and that’s not the best look.

Now a lot of people say, “Okay, doc, if I do it, and I stop it, then all of my hair is gonna fall out.” And that’s not exactly true. The normal processes of aging will start again. So you will start to thin and recede, but it doesn’t mean when you stop it, everything you have is gone.

Dr. Reagan Anderson is a local dermatologist from Colorado Springs.

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