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From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

If you make the right decision and it does not go your way, do you adjust your decision next time to try to get a better outcome?

In poker, there are hands where you have a 90% chance of winning. The right thing to do is to bet on this hand. But, if you lose the hand, does it mean that next time you have a 90% chance of winning that you fold?

Sometimes in life we do the right thing, make the right decision, and still it does not “go our way.” But that does not mean that we do anything but analyze the situation to see if we indeed made the right call. This is a lesson that I seem to need to learn every couple of years: just because you make the right decision does not mean that you will win the hand.

Our Core Values of Do the Right Thing, Do the Best You Can, and Show Others You Care are an amazing cornerstone off of which we operate our practice and how I try to live my life. Sometimes though, things will not “go our way.” But that does not mean that the Core Values are horrible. It just means that outcomes are unpredictable and we can’t control everything. What we can control is our intentions and watch a meaningful life be built on top of them.

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