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Thought for the Day #16

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This past weekend during my morning readings, I came across this article and video and I strongly encourage everyone to watch.

The premise of the video is a Navy SEAL, Dom Raso, was out for his morning run when he spotted the flag out of place and broken off the pole from a Navy SEAL monument in Virginia Beach, VA.  Well instead of continuing his run, he decided to stop and climb the pole to clip the flag back in place. 

It took him four attempts to get up the flag pole and fix the flag, but he stated, “I couldn’t go by this flag this morning and not give it everything I had. The gold stars on this monument and the sacrifice that has been made for us all was something I wasn’t just going to pass by. This flag pole climb reminded me about EVERYTHING in life.  As long as this country continues to have great men and women willing to step up to do what is right, we will always prevail… The greatest way to live is by our actions. EVERY SINGLE DAY we are given an opportunity… I would have to say my favorite part of the day given that [the] video has started to go viral, is the woman I had the pleasure to meet that simply said ‘God bless you.”

I found it interesting that he, 1) Did the right thing by fixing what he saw was broken; 2) Did the best he could by continuing to attempt to climb the pole until he reached his goal; and 3) Showed others he cared by fixing something that is embedded in his DNA which was immense symbolic meaning.

Have a great weekend and I am so glad we live in this amazing country which affords us the opportunity to live life on our terms.

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