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Thought for the Day #31

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Superman, all powerful, invulnerable, invincible. Right?  WRONG! With all the power he had, he was vulnerable to Kryptonite from his home planet (his past) which would weaken and could actually kill him. No matter our station in life and how others might perceive us, each of us has our own personal Kryptonite. And just like Superman that Kryptonite can weaken or even kill us if we don’t recognize it for what it is and decide to fight it. 

So what is your Kryptonite? Reliance on what others think of you? Fear of failure?  Inability to end a toxic relationship? Fear of being on your own? The need to bring someone else down so you – temporarily – feel better about yourself? Booze or other drugs? Intolerance of anyone who isn’t just like you? The need to be told what to think by others?  

Whatever your Kryptonite is, it is real to you so it is up to you to decide that it won’t weaken you or kill your spirit. But how to start? One way is to face it and yourself squarely and objectively and without self pity or self loathing. When you were very young, at night you might have been afraid of the monster in your bedroom closet. Hopefully your parent didn’t tell you you were just being a baby but instead looked in the closet with you and showed you there was no monster and maybe planted a seed that you had the power in your own mind to make that fear, that monster, go away. And it is that power of the mind that is either our own super power or our own Kryptonite. We were blessed with intellect and free will and it is through learning to use those gifts that we develop the self confidence to face down those self-generating things that stand in our way. Even in the Superman comics, it is his will and his intellect that finally wins the day, not the fact that he was “…faster than a speeding bullet or could leap over tall buildings in a single bound” (that was for those of us who remember Superman on a small black and white TV screen…).

So be your own Superman/Superwoman, overcome your Kryptonite, and banish those monsters in the closet. You can do it!

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