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Thought for the Day #44

From the Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It is September already and it is hard to believe that summer is over. But why is it hard to believe? I knew it was coming, knew how many days until it came, and of my 45 years on this planet it has always come. Yet, I was surprised.
How many times have you heard people be “surprised” when adversity comes? Just like September, we are all guaranteed to have adversity now and in the future just as surely as September will come again next year. We can count on it. 
My point, if something is as predictable as September coming, maybe we should not dread it but instead look at it as an opportunity to excel, learn, and grow. Or, we could be surprised by it, dread it, and wonder “why did this happen to me.” For me, I say “bring it on” because just as surely as September will come, so will I overcome whatever adversity this life brings my way.

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